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The Nigerian music industry although have currently failed to serve us the purpose it did in the days of Fela Onikulakpo Kuti, has been a platform of marvellous talents and creativity, that depicts Nigerian content and satisfies the Nigerian populace, so much so that one track from 2Face tend to make more sense to many Nigerians than any rap piece from the western world. At this point, just as a Nigerian, Harry Song’s trending highlife hit, ‘After the Reggae Play the Blues,’ make so much sense to me as I chose to relate it with a trending mantra in Akwa Ibom State; “Dakkada.”

The musical piece has a resemblance of a playwright’s style of literary narration which rises from conflict between characters, or climax to anti-climax and subsequent resolution. To a law inclined fellow and a conflict resolution expert, the song title best fits into a case of conflict and conflict resolution. To historians, it sums up in deconstruction and reconstruction of history. These are an imaginary representation of what blues and reggae music stands for. While the latter employs a rather ‘rugged’ way of rendition, instrumentation and dance, and hence climax, conflict and deconstruction as in the eyes of a playwright, lawyer and historians; the former takes a sober mood, calms the tempo and engages in a deep conversation with thoughts and emotions as reflected in its soft tune and inspiring lyrics. Blues here can be viewed in the light of anti-climax, resolution and reconstruction.

The query as to if Dakkada is another blues after the reggae follows an antecedent of ‘theoretical hope’ after the ‘rugged’ climax of general elections, which speaks louder on paper and microphone than in deed. This kind of blues after reggae on the long run made Akwa Ibom to develop a terrible thick skin and became strongly allergic to ‘greatness.’ Unfortunately, the succeeding blues has always been as temporary as dust rising to fall. In the days of the late Obong Akpan Isemin, abolition of ‘etok etok’ syndrome was invoked with its peculiarities and central message. This was pertinent as the then Nigeria had not only marginalised the Akwa Ibom State, but Akwa Ibomites so comfortably swam in the pool of low self-esteem and inferiority complex though the state was barely in her early years of existence. Many years went by, another came, ‘Akwa Ibom Ado Ok’ (Akwa Ibom is Okay), a blues that the then Governor Godswill Akpabio had played after the PDP-AC reggae in 2007. Ado Ok like blues, rent the air with sweet romantic soft tunes of the most peaceful state in the Niger Delta amidst militancy in the region; Ado Ok inspired families who could not send their children to school through free and compulsory education; it curbed child labour and abuse; it told whoever cared to listen that house help industry in Akwa Ibom is closed forever; it was just the good. On the reverse side of the coin, Ado Ok diminished, it fell like dust, its blues changed to war song in a much uncoordinated manner and almost at the same pace with the positive side of it. The very sweet blues would turn Akwa Ibom youths to beggars who eat from politicians’ gate; it shamefully made joblessness to escalate into giving us the record holder of the highest number of socio-political groups to include an embarrassment such as ‘Association of Unemployed Graduates.’ Ado Ok killed us to the ‘soul’ when we would pride ourselves as P.A’s for a living, selling our souls to Satan himself when we swear oaths to our principals just to prove our undivided loyalty. It was all through this age that supposed unbiased leaders like royal fathers and clergy would stoop so low as to feed from endorsing politicians without minding where integrity and honour left to. Need I bring to bear the fact that while some of us who were ‘hungry’ and stupid, would glory in self-imposed activism against anything good from the government, others bid farewell to creative ideas, turned away from opportunities and would still accuse and curse unnecessarily.

Eight years came and gone when Ado Ok ended with Uncommon Transformation, only to make way for yet another reggae as it played out in the build up to, and the 2015 general elections. I once posited in this column that anything that comes into Nigeria is subject to be panel beaten, bastardized and in fact, abused to the maximum and this applies both to what comes in and what originates from here. Interestingly, I have been tempted to believe that the only ‘real’ thing in Nigeria is time, not even the professed change that floods the news every day. Not too long ago, the late Prof. Dora Akunyili came up with “Rebranding Nigeria project,” a resembling concept with Dakkada. Rebranding Nigeria made so much noise that sounded real, yet like Akwa Ibom Ado Ok, it died even before the end of the administration that fronted it. Why? No one could answer. Today, Akwa Ibom is at it again, basking in the excitement of the sweet blues of Dakkada. A part of Aniekeme Finbarr’s mind blowing piece “DAKKADA: AN INVITATION TO GREATNESS,” notes that this development is actually meant for those criticising it and while I see with him, I see another thing. Those preaching the dakkada gospel actually need to ‘dakkada’ (arise) even more than the ones being sceptical about it; they are those who did same (preaching the gospel) in Ado Ok and here they come, hoping to win as usual and I simply wonder how it will be this time. These were the stock who worked with Akpabio and in whose collective hands, Akwa Ibom was demoted to ‘etok etok’ state to quite a significant extent. If you doubt the state that we are, refer to Osondu Ahirika’s note, “AKWA IBOM WHERE IS YOUR FIRST ELEVEN?” An article reminding us that we have more of ‘local champions’ who have no space at the national scene like the Yorubas, Igbos and even Hausas.

A certain ex US president said that one cannot do the same old thing and expect a new result and Jesus Christ as well noted same when he talked about putting a new wine in an old wine skin. Just as one of my tutors back in school would write off an unserious student by acknowledging in his script ‘you are irreparable,’ I fear that most of the dakkada ambassadors are unapologetic and unrepentant bad eggs in Governor Udom Emmanuel’s government. Simply put, irreparable elements. I fear so because they have greatly benefited from selfishness and stinginess for the past eight years or so and simply wonder which part of their lives would allow dakkada to achieve its loudly trumpeted aim. I fear that dakkada might be a moral transformation and spiritual rebirth artificially imposed on the governed, excluding the government and the individuals who feel they are somewhere at the top. As Senator Akpabio once noted that what is morally right, cannot be politically wrong, I fear whether our political class subscribe to this philosophy. I care to know if the dakkada moral transformation will honestly include civil service employment by merit, obeying traffic rules by the leaders including the governor and a serious positive change in perception of power.
Further, over the years we have had a terrible masses whom my boss, Mr. Itoro Columba would describe as the ‘yes sir’ or sheepish followers. Typical instance is, flaunt N2,000 or N5,000 to an ‘average’ Akwa Ibom youth and he would prostrate for you at one moment, and would do same to another who pays higher. The idea is, the highest bidder, or the ‘Ono Owo Mkpo’ (a giver) is the boss. Give an ‘average’ Akwa woman especially the one in rural area ten cups of rice on December plus N5,000 and she sings your praises for the rest of the months. Not just that, the ‘yes sir’ minded populace in the state are overwhelming and the yearning for irrelevant things among the youths are on the rise. My pity goes to the governor whom, if very serious about dakkada, will make more enemies out of his friends. Already, the speculation that Governor Udom is not an ‘Ono Owo Mkpo’ is fast spreading and many are not comfortable with it. The status quo has been that the best man is he who would always ‘find something for the boys’ and not the one who wants the ‘boys’ to be gainfully employed in legitimate and dignified way.

That said, it is only necessary not to be unpatriotic at this point. As in business, I see dakkada as risk with probable result. It is either we crash land, or smoothly arrive a destination of greatness, depending on what input is given to it. I see a philosophy where we will (if dirty politics permit) refuse to constitute an unpatriotic population which is the biggest threat to our existence. A way of reasoning that open my eyes to business opportunities, rather than to form or join a group with the hope of earning N2,000 in every government event, plus a wrapper or T-shirt. That, which will cause me to think positively of my environment, take good care of public properties, spend time on creating ideas and finding solution to problems in my community. I see dakkada as a trend where a commissioner or legislator from my area will not delight in making me his ‘aboy,’ but consider supporting my business idea or sponsor my brothers and sisters to read professional courses. I see a watershed of turnaround in education, where my brother in secondary school can read and write and not under a tree or leaked roof, but in a conducive class room; an education where my sister in Community Secondary School is taught with the same science apparatus as those in Topfaith Secondary School. A dakkada where my pastor will no longer fabricate sermon to impress the big man in church and supress the small man just so he gets a car gift or fat tithe. A new dawn where the government will respect the rule of law and its duties to the people and of course a dakkada that will not on the long run imply ‘suuk tie’ or ‘suuk na.’ And if this is another blues after the reggae, it better have a steady and sustained romantic rhythm that will not fade with time.

Assuming I buy the idea, I do hope and pray that his excellency will not spend a fortune to buy many dakkada T-Shirts, organise countless events for dakkada, set up a committee or forum consisting politicians who are corrupt beyond repairs and flood the media with dakkada, lest he becomes a leader of propaganda and achieve everything contrary to the philosophy. This way, he won’t only disappoint me with a ‘talk-talk’ philosophy and temporary blues, but would prove those who see nothing good in him right. I pray that he rather disappoint the ‘boys’ who are not willing to change from begging and finally reconstruct the history that no one could after the days of Justice Udo Udoma. If it is time for us to manifest as ‘Akwa’ (mighty) state, so be it.
God bless Akwa Ibom State!



Ex Planet Radio OAP speaks on his aspirations and why he bowed out from the first private radio in Akwa Ibom State.

Chiori Chiori A.K.A. the Real Man is a fine radio personality admired for his exceptional prowess on the microphone. Anchor and co-anchor of a number of radio programmes including ‘AKWA IBOM DECIDES’ with Sampson Akpan (Politics Today), Chiori excites his listener with his ‘manly’ voice on radio and would leave fans to want more.

Last weekend, he stopped by our chamber for a chat. The excerpt:

AK: So… Mr. Chiori, the microphone general, what does weekend mean to you?

CHIORI: Weekend should mean a time to wind off all activities and rest for the next week. But for me, it’s never so. The grind continues with preps and other work-like stuff that will simply give me an edge over others in the coming week.

AK: Wow, cool. So what do you make of people who rocks and roll on weekends?

CHIORI: I have nothing against them. It’s their turn to shine. My turn will come soon, and then I will also groove my weekends. For now let me put in the necessary work that’ll enable me enjoy tomorrow.

AK: That’s very thoughtful. Work today, enjoy tomorrow.

CHIORI: That’s the philosophy

AK: Let’s talk about media

CHIORI: Okay, on to media.

AK: Chiori and media are like husband and wife. Why media?

CHIORI: I had always known I’d be on radio right from when I was a teaspoon. And not just media, but radio. I’m this kind of person who prefers being heard and felt than seen. Media is where I belong, and I’m only just started. I have a target I set, and until I get there I won’t let up.

AK: Looks like something very big is coming from you

CHIORI: Certainly.

AK: And what do we expect?

CHIORI:First, I’m on a journey to BBC radio. That’s where my sights are.

AK: (Caught) See you at the top then.

CHIORI: (Continues) Second, before I leave this world, I will impart my knowledge to others. I plan to establish a school of journalism that is in sync with global trends.

AK: You’re really ambitious. Never cease to aspire

CHIORI: You’re right. But for ambition, one would succumb to death. Vision is what keeps one young.

AK: Young! Let me take you on that

CHIORI: Of course.

AK: On radio, you sound ‘youthful’ and energetic, but you ‘seem’ to be a family man. What do you say about that?

CHIORI: I am a family man, I’m 36 years, but I have a lot of verve left in me. My people say I’m gregarious.

AK: You’re more that that o!

CHIORI: I’m troublesome, yeah.

AK: Emm… Planet fm, let’s hear how the Real Man took off to, and fared in the ‘planet.’

CHIORI: Sometime late in 2013 Planet Radio called for auditions from those who wanted to be OAPs, and so I went for it. That was in December. On January 8, 2014 I was invited to start work as a trainee, confirmed sometime in May. I went on till I bowed out from Planet Radio in June this year.

AK: And you’ve so made great impact so far.

CHIORI: I don’t think I did enough.

One would only wonder why the ‘Real Man’ bowed out when the ovation was beginning to rise.

CHIORI: There is an Igbo saying that to know and be silent is what makes the market go on.

AK: Noted. Ahahahah

CHIORI: Let’s just say there were differences between the Radio and I, so I bowed out peacefully before the handshake would become too painful.

AK: So what keeps you going at the moment?

CHIORI: I know where I’m going, and it keeps me on my feet. Moreover, I have my darling girl, the love of my life, to thank for giving me cause to be happy. I have offers from other radio stations, so in a matter of a few months I’ll be back on the beat.

AK: Good news then. By the way, how does it feel to be married?

CHIORI: The best thing I ever experienced.

AK: I’m jealous o! Hehehe

CHIORI: Please be. At least you’ll settle it quick if you are jealous

AK: Sure. So as we wind down, please inspire someone with your words.

CHIORI: There are three important people you need to succeed, God, your lover, and your enemy. And don’t cop out because you’re on low tide. Your ebb will rise again, and you will hit your top again.

AK: Phenomenal! Wise words. Many thanks for taking the trouble to stop by our chamber

CHIORI: Thanks for having me on your platform. You’ve made my day. More grease to your elbow.

AK: Thanks sir.


Akwa Ibom State University, AksuThe National Association of Nigerian University Students (NAUS) has come out to congratulate the graduands of today’s maiden convocation of the Akwa Bom State University (AKSU) holding at the main campus of the institution at Ikot Akpaden, Mkpat Enin LGA, Akwa Ibom State. In a statement by the Vice President of the association, Comr. Iniobong Uko, NAUS celebrates with their counterparts in AKSU and do also congratulate the new Vice Chancellor Prof. Eno Ibanga on his confirmation as the second VC of the school.
Read the statement below…
Cmr. Iniobong Uko, NAUS VP
On behalf of National Association of University Students (NAUS) South-South Zone, I heartily congratulate Professor Eno Ibanga on his conferment as the Vice Chancellor of Akwa Ibom State University. This is the Lord’s doing, it is indeed beautiful in our sight. Sir the cap fits you, wear it with pride. Once again, CONGRATULATIONS.
Sign Comrade Ini-obong Uko
Vice President (South-South)
National Association of University Students (NAUS) NATIONAL
Also, the Vice Chancellor Akwa Ibom State University, AKSU , Professor Eno James Ibanga, Wednesday, said First Class graduates of the university will be offered automatic employment.
Delivering his press briefing speech in his office in the main campus of the university on Tuesday, 28th April, 2015, Ibanga thank The governing Council of the university, for the promotion of excellence in the university by approving that commencing from this year, the two best graduating students and others graduates with a CGPA not less than 4.00 in each of our programmes, will be automatically employed as Graduate Assistants.”
He explained that the gesture will enable the retention of some of the institution’s best brains in the system while fostering Ph.D training at the university.
The Vice Chancellor who announced at the convocation press briefing that a total of 2 students graduated with First Class honours, 18 with second upper, 19 with second class lower and 3 with third class.
it maintain that employment shall be available for not less than 20 students out of 42 that will be convocating.
“We shall continue to set the standards and create the platform for intellectual contribution to the economic and social advancement of our great nation,” he said. Meanwhile, Akwa Ibom State University proudly rolls out her drums tomorrow May 2, 2015, for her 1st Maiden convocation honouring the University first set of graduating students.

Ahaa! It’s AK Kingsley’s Birthday! See what friends say about him


Amazing Grace!

When he met her, some wondered why a man would travel so far just get a spouse. I tell you, the road was far. When she married him, some of her friends said she doesn’t want to have fun first before giving a thought to marriage. About a year into the marriage, the first child came, a boy, very promising. Next, the second child, another boy. Hah! Trouble! So… The third came, quite spectacular, a girl, fair like the father. Fourth, another girl, but something happened and something happened that she had to go to the great beyond. So what next…

Just when the dust of the second daughter was settling, the God of fertility sent a well packaged and properly refined replacement. Wheeeeeeew! The boy landed. Daddy named him Joseph, mummy preferred Akanimo (beyond wealth), grand ma went for Inyene (wealth), but interestingly, the family quickly settled for Kokoette (father’s name sake). Yet, the spirit communicated to uncle Anietie that he and co manufactured a name that could serve as a title as well. Hear; “Chief Akpaduok Ikwa Asuakak Ado Ama” (sai! What a name) -amazing grace-

My name is Akanimo Kingsley, the last born of Pastor/Deaconess Kingsley Ekanem. I happen to be the only child of the family that was born in Uyo and in fact, the baby that disturbed Mummy the most. Yes, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, but no, mine wasn’t a wooden spoon either.

Evidently the “most loved,” I’ve felt the original version of true and undiluted love from my family and it has moulded me so much so that I define love to mean the Kingsleys’ family.

Today I give all thanks to God for his amazing grace in my life. The joy of knowing him and being his chosen, is tremendous and so… Ladies and gentlemen,
Even enemies,
Stand up… For… The king of Kings and Lord of Lords for his unmerited favour in my life.
It’s my birthday! Happy birthday to meeee!

Enobong Umoh wrote: With all these grammars in a very succulent article, it ended up empty as it started? I was expecting a venue for the celebration at the end of grammars. Anyway, happy birthday to you. More grace to continue being controversial.

Victor Kingsley wrote: Nice story, yet something missing…….d night be4 ur birth, d morning of ur birth, d days after ur birth.
Always gud to recall those those grt events especially d “ndidia uman” dat was d prevalent delicacy of dat grt period. Dats a story ur grammer c
ant make. So amazing seeing dat crying baby we used to sing….. “koko eyen mummy, ten-ten” ….what he is nw. Fuelling our belief dat d best is yet to come. Always happy for u.
Happy birthday!

Ndotenyin Kingsley wrote: Happy Birthday! Forgot to tell them that you were born in the temple work in the same temple and hopefully will serve in the same temple. So remain spotless and sinless!

Donatus Justin wrote: ff- Kestin Beetles Junior: We the entire managements,staff,Royalties n students of UDUAKOBONG COMPREHENSIVE HIGH SCHOOL,OBIO IBIONO celebrate with our friend n brother AK Kingsley on his Achievements in life and 1 more year added 2 his blessed life. MAY THE GOOD LORD NEVER DEPART FROM YOUR SIGHT.

Prince Iniobong Uko wrote: ff- Prince Iniobong Uko:

A media personnel, A Prolific writer, An articulate Orator etc.

I pray God to Bless you and grant all your heart desires. Amen

Prince Itoro Umoette wrote: ff- De Prince Aitee:

So many came to the Tusker’s Republic and left without matching ground.

Here comes a young brilliant and ambitious man who believe in Divine Providence.
He is a critics wen things are not properly done and full of appraisal when inflicted with hallmark achievements.
A one tym Director of Information in the Department of History/International Studies Uniuyo whose tenure cannot be forgotten in the offshoot of History.
He was d brain behind publication of the first magazine in our department “LECHERO” followed by “DIPLOMATIC ACCESS” in view of his intellectual prowess. This ingenuity gained him the title, HERALD DIPLOMAT”. (The mouthpiece of Students Historical/Diplomatic Society of Nigeria.)
His era punished us with influx notices on Editorial notice board. He is currently the Chief Press Secretary to the President, Department of History/International Studies and SUG President, Uniuyo.
He is a wonderful radio presenter, the intruder of ” History and You” in Uniuyo FM. A feature editor, an oracle in information sector, a correspondent in The Bridge TV show.
Ladies and Gentlemen, witches and Wizard (if any) join me today to say
Birthday to
Akanimo Kingsley a.k.a. AK Kingsley, Akpan Etubom.
Wishing you all the best at all times in life. Have a blast ete.

Otobong George wrote: Very Annoying Ak Happy Birthday! Do i have an option? …..ebo ke idiok owo ke owo osuk enyene….Da! Ado eti owo.

Anita Inyangudo wrote: Happy birthday Kani#1the wordsmith and diplomat of our time! May your days be long and may you find fulfillment in all your endeavours.

Anthony Sam wrote: A breed of no mean repute, an evolving being of greatness seen. I, T-SAMIC/PIGEET CLUB celebrates your ministry. Take Charge. T-SAM


*Also see what the Akwa Ibom born Media Celebrity does when he’s not at work

Eric Ekwere is a well celebrated Akwa Ibom born media icon and the founder of “Akwa Ibom online,” an internet news portal that feeds with public with exclusive news from Akwa Ibom State. Recently, he visited our chamber and we engaged him on some issues from politics to career, relationship etc. Read the excerpt of the interview…

Eric Ekwere


AK: It’s a political season, I’d wonder if you’re catching the vibe or you don’t quite care about what’s going on?

ERIC: Why? I care so much about the politics in my area and I am really enjoying the vibes. If you’ve been following me online, you’ll see that I’ve been very active

AK: Yeah, of course we admire your online activities. So, make a remark on the just concluded general elections.

ERIC: It was commendable on the part of INEC. The way it was conducted and results announced, you will agree with me that for the first time since the return of democracy, we’ve witnessed true democracy; a situation where the losers quickly concede defeat for the sake of peace and oneness. I salute our President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan

AK: The media, your constituency, what role did it play in the process?

ERIC: Enlightenment

AK: Okay…

ERIC: The media really helped in propagating the plans of INEC and it brought Nigerians closer.

AK: Still on media, you introduced an online news portal which is very popular in the state. Do you mind telling us the idea behind it?

ERIC: Akwa Ibom Online you mean?

AK: Yes

ERIC: Just like our vision statement, ‘Taking Akwa Ibom to the World,’ the reason behind Akwa Ibom Online is well explained on that vision statement and so far, we are doing our best and we are still working. On facebook, you’ll see us onfacebook.com/AkwaIbomOnline and on Twitter@AkwaIbomOnline

AK: It’s a commendable effort there I must say. It shows Akwa Ibom people are creative. So does it generate money?

ERIC: (laughs) Even a charity organisation generates money

AK: I know you’re not running a charity outfit.
Let’s about talk you. One who admires you and would want to know more about you, may ask, who really is Eric?

ERIC: Hmm! That’s one question I find so hard to respond to till date. But let’s attempt with some qualities I feel I possess – Strength, honour, charisma and style. I’m a very optimistic and cheerful fellow. Highly organised, frank and outspoken. Lies and deceit are huge turn off.

AK: And from Mkpat Enin… (laughs)

ERIC: ‘Amana isong eyen Mkpat Enin’

AK: Ahaa! That too… Some say you’re connected to the deputy governor. How’s that?

ERIC: The Deputy Governor is from Mkpat Enin and she is the mother of all. And as a politician, she is our political leader.

AK: But aside that, do you have any other closeness with her?

ERIC: What kind of closeness do you want again other than what I’ve told you? She’s our mother and our political leader

AK: (Laughs) I get.

AK: So… Like other hardworking people who rarely have time to rest, how do you cope?

ERIC: Wow! That’s a very nice one. Whatever we do in life, the sole purpose is to meet God’s plan for life and be happy! I relax a lot. I am a very sociable fellow. I swim, travel, watch movies but most importantly, I spend good quality time with my wife. My nature of work makes me believe that we don’t need to see always, to work together. Technology has made life much easier. That’s a good thing about 21st century.

AK: I heard Mkpat Enin husbands are caring and romantic. Can you attest to that?

ERIC: You are not a lady, I would have told you never to say NO to an Mkpat Enin man. We are the best (laughs).

AK: So what do ladies miss for not going to the alter with Mkpat Enin men?

ERIC: You said it first, care and romance (laughs)

AK: Hehehe… Maybe madam is from Mkpat Enin

ERIC: Yes! Madam is from Mkpat Enin now… that is my wife.

AK: You’re quite a young person, yet you’ve attained an enviable level in life. Are you not worried that many Akwa Ibom youths are still hanging around, hoping to eat from politics?

ERIC: My brother, it depends on your definition of being young. Yes, I am worried because my generation in the state feels everything starts and end with politics but NO. Politics is good because it gives us an understanding of what life is and what your environment feels. It connects one to the grass root, but it shouldn’t be a means to livelihood. Now, everyone is talking agriculture, technology. It is high time our generation started looking around to see the vast uncultivated land. Let politics be a second option. Take your experience and knowledge to politics. I am not saying we should abandon politics, no! Embrace it but with style and caution

AK: So as we wind down this interview, share your thoughts on Akwa Ibom of your dream.

ERIC: I see an Akwa Ibom State that will be the fulcrum of Africa. A place that Africa will depend on to survive. I see Akwa Ibom as that beautiful bride in which every suitor so desires. I see Akwa Ibom State as the talk of our century. My brother, I see Akwa Ibom State as that Promised Land.

AK: And finally, what would you love to say that we’ve not talked about?

ERIC: A lot, but as it is, one can’t say everything in one day. There is always a tomorrow to make another impression. That is my belief

AK: Okay, thank you so much for your time, I appreciate.

ERIC: I must commend you on this my brother as I really enjoyed the moment and looking forward to having more engaging moments with you. Keep it up.


by  Osondu Ahirika.

AKPABIO. Before, I go any further, let me put on record, I
have never received any gratification whatsoever, nor met
His Excellency, Chief Akpabio in private. But, as I have said,
I will adore the name of this great leader till my last breath
on this plane, with no room for recant.
Now, with all sense of responsibility, I respectfully crave the
warrant of the amiable and supportive First Lady of Akwa
Ibom State, Her Excellency, Mrs Ekaette Unoma Akpabio to
say, without equivocation, that, I love Chief Akpabio like a
faithful first wife in a polygamous home.
Sad to note, in my type of job, if you don’t join the large
army of attack dogs against any official of state, you are
called a compromised and FOOD IS READY JOURNALIST. I
have grown a thick skin, and now immuned to that tag, I
fear no foe on this outpour of my heart. That said, I proceed
to share copiously, a touching story, whose authour, I can’t
figure out, but which, apt for my thesis, I lifted from the
facebook wall of Bassey Akpan. I shall however, for my
purpose, dissect the tale in two parts. Unedited, it is simply
titled, FOUR WIVES.
“Once upon a time there was a rich King who had four
wives. He loved the 4th wife the most and adored her with
rich robes and treated her to the finest of delicacies. He
gave her nothing but the best.
He also loved the 3rd wife very much and was always
showing her off to neighbouring kingdoms. However, he
feared that one day she would leave him for another. He
also loved his 2nd wife. She was his confidant and was
always kind, considerate and patient with him. Whenever the
King faced a problem, he could confide in her, and she
would help him get through the difficult times.
The King’s 1st wife was a very loyal partner and had made
great contributions in maintaining his wealth and kingdom.
However, he did not love the first wife. Although she loved
him deeply, he hardly took notice of her!
One day, the King fell ill and he knew his time was short. He
thought of his luxurious life and wondered, I now have four
wives with me, but when I die, I’ll be all alone.
Thus, he asked the 4th wife , “I loved you the most,
endowed you with the finest clothing and showered great
care over you. Now that I’m dying, will you follow me and
keep my company?”
“No way!”, replied the 4th wife, and she walked away
without another word. Her answer cut like a sharp knife
right into his heart. The sad King then asked the 3rd wife, “I
loved you all my life. Now that I’m dying,will you follow me
and keep my company?” “No!”, replied the 3rd wife. “Life is
too good! When you die, I’m going to remarry!” His heart
sank and turned cold.
He then asked the 2nd wife, “I have always turned to you for
help and you’ve always been there for me. When I die, will
you follow me and keep my company? “I’m sorry, I can’t
help you out this time!”, replied the 2nd wife. “At the very
most,I can only walk with you to your grave.” Her answer
struck him like a bolt of lightning, and the King was
devastated. Then a voice called out: “I’ll go with you. I’ll
follow you no matter where you go.”
The King looked up, and there was his first wife. She was
very skinny as she suffered from malnutrition and neglect.
Greatly grieved, the King said, “I should have taken much
better care of you when I had the chance!”
That’s the first act of the script and I wish to apply it to my
situation. In my honest opinion, Governor Akpabio has done
exceedingly well for Akwa Ibom State. I am persuaded, the
overwhelming majority of his people, really appreciate him,
but whether they comprehend his truly unqualifiable worth is
a different ball game entirely. I say so, on the strength of
my residency in the state for well over 33 years, and seeing
the her evolve politically, socially and economically from its
creation on September 23, 1987to date. I dare say, I have
never seen a more charismatic leader and sagacious
politician, mount the soapbox in this state.
Akpabio’s passion for development of his homeland is so
powerful. Indeed, it burns hot and is highly infectious. His
sense of witty humour is disarmingly illuminating. His
natural intelligence is pregnant with intuition and
discernment. Combining the triple power of hindsight,
insight and foresight, Akpabio is a leader well ahead of his
contemporaries and generation with light years.
I am not shocked or surprised, he is a statesman, who has
received the worst bashing of public image and hate
propaganda in the current republic. One wouldn’t expect any
less for such a mecurial figure. He has been called names,
assailed on all sides, almost besieged by some section of a
very hostile and belligerent press, within and beyond his
state. But, this stout hearted leader has soldiered on and
never taken his eyes away from the goal. I have but one
For eight years, amidst severe Court cases challenging his
electoral victory. In the face of the most virulent,
unrelenting, sometimes, outrightly malicious attacks on his
person/ administration, Chief Akpabio was able to carve a
niche for himself as the STAND-OUT performer among the
elite Club of Governors in Nigeria. Till date, he remains the
most decorated governor ever, with Awards, Recognitions,
Investitures, Conferments, installations etc, from credible
organisations across Nigeria and internationally. His
performance has compelled the world to notice him and no
campaign of calumny or mudslinging will diminish that
domino effect.
As Akpabio bows out in a little over a month hence, I
Osondu Godswill Ahirika, hereby unapologetically register
my attestation of his great and Seven Star performance and
now cry out: “Here was a Caesar, when comes such
another?” He has suffered the worst indignities and
alienation for insisting on facilitating the emergence of his
successor in office. In Deacon Udom Emmanuel, I remain
hopeful, we will find a worthy replacement. Albeit, I hasten
to echo the refrain that is already trending; AKPABIO, IYA
UMISS! Personally, I will miss this man who demystified
governance and Government in Akwa Ibom and threw the
doors of Hilltop Mansion open to his people irrespective of
class, status or tongue. Who gave youths the opportunity to
get involved and unleashed the womenforce(permit that
coinage), through unprecedented mobilization to become
the ubiquitous. Uyai Iban(Akpabio) Akwa Ibom. What
manner of a leader is this man?
I have heard his detractors say, the Prison doors are waiting
for him and I laugh at their naivety. What rubbish to utter!
True to his nature, the man remains aplomb with his robust,
sanguine character and thrives unruffled by the enterprise of
his few hate-filled assailants. Unbowed and never cowed by
the operation of his opponents, Akpabio fights back
whenever he does, with elegance and philosophical
As every human, Governor Akpabio does have his
shortcomings. Perfection is attributable only to God
Almighty. I elect to magnify his virtues and intercede for his
faults. Love covers all sins and that’s my plight as far as
this personal icon is concerned. As he steps aside from the
Office of Governor next month, I am avowed, that, nothing
anyone says or does can alter my perception and world
view of Governor Godswill Akpabio. My love for him is equal
to that of the steadfast first wife in our anecdote. Never
mind, that I never got to enjoy his direct attention as a result
of multitudes and wives that thronged his path. Yet, will I
never let Akpabio walk away alone. I will stick with him
wherever he goes, even to the Senate of the Federal
I shall not however end this eulogy, without rendering the
sequel of the parable of FOUR WIVES copied from Bassey.
Here we go!
“In truth, we all have the 4 wives in our lives: Our 4th wife is
our body. No matter how much time and effort we lavish in
making it look good, it will leave us when we die.
Our 3rd wife is our possessions, status and wealth. When
we die, it will all go to others. Our 2nd wife is our family and
friends. No matter how much
they have been there for us, the furthest they can stay by us
is up to the grave.
And our 1st wife is our Soul. Often neglected in pursuit of
wealth, power pleasures of the world. However, our Soul is
the only thing that will follow us
wherever we go. Cultivate,strengthen and cherish it now, for
it is the only part of us that will follow to the throne of God
and continue with us throughout Eternity.
Thought for the day: Remember, when the world pushes you
to your knees, you’re in the perfect position to pray. Pass
this on to someone you care about – I just did

Hon. Onofiok Luke Speaks on Why Umana lost the Guber Election


umana and Luke

A member of the Akwa Ibom state House of Assembly, Barrister Onofiok Luke, who has also been re-elected to represent Nsit Ubium state constituency, at the weekend condemned the statement credited to the governorship candidate of the APC in the state, Obong Umana Umana, that the election was a sham. Luke, while addressing journalists in Calabar, argued that Umana did not win the election because “he was never close to or accepted by the electorates”. Luke said: “He was Secretary to the State Government, but he was never available for the people. How many times was he able to listen to and address the yearnings of the populace? How many times was he able to empower the youths and identify with them?”

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